A journey to explore the traditional music of Pakistan

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Sound Quest will begin it's course in pakistan in march 2021.

Starting from Lahore, the Swedish caravan will travel to different cities, while collaborating with local musicians of each area in sophisticated jam sessions filmed in open landscapes.

✔ Traditional Pakistani artists collaborate with Swedish EDM artists;

✔ Producing a unique combination of electro-ethnic sound that is familiar but also fresh;

✔ Bringing the natural and cultural beauty of Pakistan to the world through music.

Meet the Artists

Tuva Demmers

Manager, Influencer

Eric Galvez

Tabla Percussionist

Felix Gröndahl

Head of Audio Production, Singer, Multi-instrumentalist

Eva Dunder

Singer, Song-writer, Multi-instrumentalist

Clara Marlene

Dj, Rapper

Omega Shahrukh

Founder, DJ, Rapper

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Swedish EDM artists are travelling through Pakistan to collaborate with local traditional artists

Famous Pakistani DJ who moved to Sweden over 7 years ago is now creating a cultural exchange platform between the two countries


Project Sound Quest is all set to travel to Pakistan from Sweden in Feb 2021, with the mission to explore and rejuvenate the cultural and traditional music originating in remote locations of the country, and Kulturrådet – The Swedish Arts Council is supporting it.


We speak to the founder Shahrukh Sheikh, the pioneer of DJ culture and EDM in Pakistan. In 2004 he started by remixing old traditional tracks. Within two years of his career, DJ Shahrukh was already touring internationally, doing gigs in India, Dubai, Sri Lanka and Mauritius, making him the only internationally known Pakistani DJ. He works with all the big names of Pakistan music and film industry, and has been featured on the BBC Asian Network in the UK as the no.1 track of 2019 featuring Abida Parveen – Pakistan’s icon of folk and sufi music.


Today he is bringing Swedish electronic music to Pakistan by facilitating electro-ethnic collaboration between artists of both countries.


How did SQ come into being?

Cultural fusion always fascinates me and after moving to Sweden I was talking to many Swedish artists about how they feel about making music in Pakistan. I met producer Kenzin and together we released our debut music video in Stockholm in September. We sent it to Kulturrådet (Swedish Arts Council) who decided to support us. Things have been rolling on full throttle since then.


Q. What are the goals of Sound Quest?

There is a disconnect between Sweden and Pakistan. I noticed that people still have the image of Pakistan based on terrorism and religious extremism that the media portrayed many years ago. Much has changed and these misconceptions need to be updated. There is immense natural beauty which is unexplored and if it wasn’t for Covid, 2020 would have been the year of revival of tourism in Pakistan.

The main goal of Sound Quest is to bridge the cultural gap between the two countries. By facilitating collaborations between electronic and traditional musicians of both countries we can bring the people of the two nations together in a new and inspiring way. 


Q. How does this cultural exchange help both countries?

Both countries can learn a lot from each other. Sweden is advanced in music technology and can bring that innovation to Pakistan. Pakistan is rich in diversity of culture and is home to Hunza Valley and Indus Valley civilization, one of the oldest civilizations known, which is completely unexplored by Swedish artists and can give immense inspiration for their work.


Q. Which places are you going to visit?

All the places we have planned to visit are rich in cultural heritage and each has a unique landscape that reflects in the essence of the music originating from that region. We have a network of artists in each of these following cities where we will be carrying out and filming our jam sessions in open landscapes.


Lahore (Punjab) – Agriculture Essence

Islamabad (Capital) – City road trip Experience

Hunza – Mountains essence

Sindh – Desert essence


Q. How many people are in the group?

There will be 6 of us from Sweden

Shahrukh Sheikh – Producer, DJ

Felix Gröndahl – Producer, Singer

Eva Dunder – Singer, Multi-instrumentalist

Eric Ji – Tabla Percussionist

Clara – DJ

Tuva Demmers – Manager, influencer 


Q. What about Corona?
A. We are taking all possible precautions to ensure safety and security. We respect and follow all corona restrictions of both countries, so anyone with symptoms cannot travel. Tests will be carried out for all travellers, social distancing is to be observed during production times, with limited teams working in open locations with proper sanitization. 

Right now may not the best conditions for this initiative to materialize to its fullest, but we are playing our part to do as much as we can.


Q. What can we expect in the future?

Sound Quest strives to be a yearly tour through Pakistan, giving Swedes a musical and cultural experience. Each year we will create new and interesting and inspiring music-travel based content.


Sound Quest is based in Stockholm, Sweden. Our mailing address is Läggestavägen 31, 124 31 Bandhagen.

For Bookings or other matters, you can also reach us on phone/whatsapp : +46700372763

Or email heysoundquest@gmail.com